Three decades ago, it took the foresight and the hard work of a power driven group of individuals to set up a trading organization; one that would not compromise on its superior level of quality in terms of work and customer service. Today, with the support of a large number of employees and a larger number of happy customers, KTC has joined the ranks of some of the leading trading super powers in South India dealing with Plastics, Automobiles, Chemicals and Additives.

With the products marketed by the group, reaching the major sectors of the Automobiles, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications, Consumer Appliances, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Paints & Printing Inks industries, KTC has a wide range of commercial reach.

"KTC a group has become one of the leading trading organizations in South India dealing with Plastics, Chemical, Additives & Automotives."

The prestigious dealership of Bajaj Auto Ltd, General Motors & Tata Motors has only multiplied the exhilaration felt by the organization and shortened our distance to impending success. Our well-built foundation in the chemical and plastics trade is another asset.